Making, and having made

My kids watch a lot of cake videos on YouTube. They don’t just watch videos of pretty cakes, though. They watch videos of people making pretty cakes. And when they get out the play dough, paints, dolls, they don’t just make things with it, they make videos. They don’t have an actual camera, but as they work, they are narrating their process for their imaginary viewers. My 3YO brought me two vanilla wafers yesterday along with a jar of peanut butter, the honey and a butter knife. “Daddy, I make video.” She wanted me to pretend with her that we were making a tutorial video about how to make a peanut butter, honey, and vanilla wafer sandwich cookie.

These videos are teaching them to enjoy the process of making as much, or more, than they enjoy having made. That’s a pretty great thing to get your head right about at such a young age.

Now, if I could just break them of begging for subscriptions.