Moving in a Dream

I was towing a big Penske moving truck behind our van. Only it wasn’t connected with a chain; it was connected via Bluetooth. I got too far ahead of it and out of range, breaking the connection and sending it careening out of control into a doctor’s office. The only injuries were to one lady’s finger. I guess she was pointing at something, which is rude, so let that be a lesson to her. Handily the office had a specific fee for just such an occasion, and it was only $30.

Still, my wife was pretty mad.

Sword Fight

I’m running for my life tonight. A businessman in a suit is chasing me through a big city. He is bearing a samurai sword, the nice kind with the undulating pattern buffed into the blade’s edge. I’m trying to avoid being hit with this sword, not because it will cut me, but because it will send me back in time to who knows where.

I also have a sword, but it’s just the regular kind.

The chase ends in the middle of an intersection with a crowd of people surrounding us. The businessman begins to monologue, arms stretched up triumphantly, sword in hand. I don’t hear what he is saying. He is talking to the crowd now, with his back turned to me. It feels silly to not just go ahead and run him through, so I do so abruptly.

My sword isn’t the regular kind after all. It is the kind that makes a big hole in somebody the diameter of a tea saucer. And through that hole in the businessman’s back I see him there in the crowd, looking at me with approval.